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6 Things You Need To Know When Shopping Online For Male Sex Toys

6 Things You Need To Know When Shopping Online For Male Sex Toys

6 Things You Need To Know When Shopping Online For Male Sex Toys

Male sex toys don’t get the recognition they deserve – that’s one hard pill to swallow. No one understands why. Talk of sex toys and people immediately imagine you’re talking about vibrators and dildos for women. No one ever thinks you’re talking about the fat boy penis sleeve or a realistic penis extender. This is of course a bad thing. It is one of the main reasons why there’s a ton of misinformation out there when it comes to sex toys designed for men.

Brace yourself for a hard (yeah…and a hard on) when shopping online for male sex toys. You’ll come across blogs and websites with detailed and comprehensive guides for female sex toys. For men though? Uumm…wait. May be in a decade or two, things will have changed. In the meantime though, the following guidelines will suffice. It is all you need to know really. So before you go online to search for a vibrating penis extender, consider the following tips.

The Specific Type Of Pleasure You Yearn For

You know your body well. You know your partner’s body as well. You know what ticks you off within just minutes. Always take that into account before spending money on a sex toy. Many men shop for sex toys with their partner’s in mind. They want to please their partners with ease. There’s nothing wrong with that. Do you ever think though, that you also deserve some pleasure?

It is easy to think your partner needs a longer penis with a strong girth. In that case, a realistic penis extender or a vibrating penis extender will come in handy. Size, unlike what many people think, always matter. It could be all your partner needs to get aroused. It could also be all you need to boost your confidence. In that regard, realistic penis extenders always get the job done. Don’t just think or make assumptions that your partner needs a specific sex toy. Ask. Let your partner clarify that they need something specific. It’ll then be very easy for you to figure out what you should buy.

You may also have to seriously consider the material used to make your toy. Silicone can’t give you the same experience rubber will give you and vice versa. Your best bet here is to try out many different materials until you get it right.

Some Toys Come In Pairs Or Threes

Alright, you bought your partner a toy. What about you though? You’ll buy an expensive silicone penis extender only to later realize that you need some lube. That explains why many sites often have suggestions alongside certain toys. They know that some toys go hand in hand. So before you go online for a specific toy, keep in mind that you may have to spend an extra amount on yet another toy or product. That’s the only way you can have a wholesome experience.

Notably, some product suggestions may have very little to do with pleasure and everything to do with convenience. For instance, you’ll need specific sanitizing products for your some toys. You may need wet wipes designed for use after intercourse. Buy them. They’ll make your sex life easy. You shouldn’t have to rush to the bathroom every other time you want another round of intercourse because your fat-boy penis sleeve is dirty. Having a box of wet-wipes by your bedside will make everything easy for you.

Privacy Issues

You probably don’t know this but there are already hundreds of lawsuits against sex toys stores that operate online. Many of the lawsuits filed raise issues to do with privacy. You simply don’t want to go online shopping for a vibrating penis extender and have your data ‘harvested’ to be later sold to a third party. It is hard to imagine it happens but it does.

Note too that privacy breach isn’t all about having your data captured as you shop. It happens in many ways than you can imagine. For instance, there are sex toys today that come complete with applications. There are sex toys stores that only operate through mobile apps. The trick here is simple. Never use your office email address or your personal email address when shopping for a sex toy. Never use your email address too when connecting to a vibrating penis extender that has an app. Set up a separate email address for your ‘sexcapdes’.

Then there’s the location issue. The rule of the thumb here is very simple – don’t share your location. Many smart phones today come complete with ‘approximate location feature’. This means you can shop without giving away your precise location. Be sure to first activate the feature before shopping.

Lastly on the privacy issue, don’t link your social media accounts to online sex toy apps. Use your phone number instead. Social media companies have pretty bad track records when it comes to protecting use data. Nearly all social media companies you can think of have had issues to do with user data privacy violations.

Reviews And Testimonials

Never underestimate the power of reviews and testimonials when shopping online. There are tons of forums and sites where you can sign up and post anonymously. You can ask what you need to know about certain products and or online stores. Other members then get to comment on their first hand experiences. Use such experiences to guide on the kind of toys you should buy. The beauty here is that you never have to worry about your identity because you’ll be posting under a pseudonym.

Design And Aesthetics

Some toys look really good online. You see them and you’re awed by how sexy they look. Try them though and you immediately notice they have functional and design flaws that make it hard for you to enjoy them. Now, you can always use reviews and testimonials as already pointed out to find out how functional a toy is.

It is also important to note that penis sleeves and extenders come in different sizes. There are some designed for well-endowed men while others are designed for those with not so big penises. Find out what you need. You may have to measure your ‘joy-stick’ when fully erect so as to find out the most ideal size for you. The fat boy penis sleeve you currently have could be giving you problems simply because it is either too small or too big for you.

Customer Service

How were you treated the first time you called to find out why your toy hasn’t arrived yet weeks after you made a purchase? Customer service is usually the first hallmark of whether a brand or company cares. Note that it doesn’t all boil down to just how the company handled your issue. The fact that a company takes too long to respond or never responds is already a red flag. Stick to a company that treats you like you matter because guess what, you actually do matter!

Still on customer service, be on the lookout for factors like warranty and refund policy. Not so many sex toys have warranties though for pretty obvious reasons. The fact that a company has a refund policy though – one that makes sense – is usually the first hallmark of a company you can trust.

Wrap Up

Sex toys for men abound. Strangely though, no one talks about them as much as it is the case for female sex toys. This makes it hard for newbies to shop online for make sex toys. All is not lost though. The few guidelines available are worth your time. The few tips explained above can also come in handy for you.

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