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Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen

Type: Vibrators

Lily Allen came out as a Womanizer fan back in 2018. Now the time has finally come for the UK singer and Womanizer to join forces for a special project. Lily Allen herself has co-designed a new special edition. The result was bright colors that not only radiate good vibes, but also a lot of power. That makes the new LIBERTY even more exciting as a sexy companion.

The Womanizer Liberty is the perfect companion for women who are confident enough to go where nobody has gone before. With a hygienic travel cover and six different levels of quiet stimulation, it adds mind-blowing experiences to every adventure you can imagine.

The innovative Pleasure Air(TM) Technology allows you to experience a climax within a very short time, without you feeling over-stimulated or coming to rely on it... Every orgasm is unique.

THE WOMANIZER FEELING The Womanizer is not just any sex toy for women, it is THE sex toy for women. What makes the Womanizer so special? The clitoral vibrator is equipped with the Pleasure Air Technology. The Womanizer encloses your clitoris without touching it while stimulating it via soft pressure waves.

Unlike other vibrators, the habitual effect or a feeling of over stimulation does not happen. So, it does not matter whether this is your first time or 100th: it will provide you with a unique feeling. Always. Everywhere. Enjoy your liberty and stay sexy!


  • 6 different intensity levels
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use with two buttons (+) / (-)
  • ABS with soft touch finish body and body-safe silicone stimulation head
  • Includes extra stimulation head in a bigger size
  • One charge provides 120 minutes of non-stop high-flying pleasure
  • Super silent


4 inches long x 1.75 inches wide