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Universal Love Rider Platinum Harness

Type: Strap-On

A user-friendly and definitely sexy harness, the Love Rider Platinum Harness is perfect for any level of strap-on experience, providing you and your partner with a snug, comfortable, fit plus a wide range of compatible accessories and attachments.

In soft, body-contouring faux-leather fabric with a plush lining and a low-V waistline, a panty shaped triangular yoke fits perfectly over the pelvis, positioning a sturdy, built-in, reinforced rubber O-ring dead center. Holding tight to a desired toy, from many compatible Lover Rider accessories to most flange-based dildos and vibes, the Platinum can be used with a wide variety of probes and attachments, simply slip it through the opening before stepping in. Matching, plush lined polyester straps secure comfortably at the hips and back for a close and snug fit, easily step into the harness like a pair of panties and adjust the straps to suit your size.

Fits up to a 53.5 inch (136cm) waist.