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The Gripper - Sure Grip Masturbator

Type: Men

Made from incredible Pure Skin, the Gripper is a premium one piece masturbator with a shape that's easy to hold onto. The firmer outer casing holds a softer, extra realistic sleeve with an intense texture inside. Suction chambers and a mix of ribs and bumps narrow and widen at intervals. You'll be able to squeeze the sides of the outer casing together to bring the inner walls as close as you like; you can also cover the opening at the back to tighten up even more. With a generous 7" length, you'll get all the depth you want.

Pure Skin is maintenance-free unlike some similar materials, you'll get a temperature sensitive, ultra soft, elastic feel like real skin without the hassle of caring for a delicate material; the Gripper is made to play hard. The only thing you'll to extend the life of this masturbator is a good water based lube, you'll want to use lubricant anyway, so be sure to reach for a water based formula. Open ended design for easy cleaning. Get a grip and stay sexy.


  • Dual density
  • Life-like look and feel
  • Heavy duty one piece masturbators with ribbed suction chambers
  • Unique design for maximum grip
  • Pure Skin® (TPR)

Dimensions: 7 inches long x 3 inches wides