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Slay #Spinme Rotating Bullet with Remote

Type: Vibrators

The Slay® #SpinMe has a unique design that provides for a spinning motion. This textured toy can be controlled with or without remote control, so you can give your partner the power to control your pleasure-- from up to 30 feet away.

The silicone design ensures body-safe materials, and the ten powerful functions of synchronous vibration PLUS rotating action ensures that your every need is met. Sound confusing? Fret not my stimulated friend: The advanced, state-of-the-art memory chip will save your last-used setting and resume up when you start again, eliminating any confusion. Find the setting you like and stick with it... or be a little bit more adventurous, and don't!

Both the stimulator and remote are USB rechargeable (with dual-charging cable included) and reach a charging completion in just 90 minutes. All that power from the wall can be depleted in 80 minutes at low speed, which should tell you exactly how powerful the motors are. Want even more? Suck that juice down in 50 minutes on the highest possible setting-- if you dare. Play. Slay. Stay sexy.


  • 10 functions
  • Rechargeable (cord included)
  • Charge time 90 minutes
  • Play time 80 minutes slow speed / 50 minutes fast speed
  • Made from Silicone, ABS Plastic / Metallic Plating, ABS Plastic
  • Wireless Remote control
  • 90 Day Warranty

Dimensions: 3.25 inches long x 1.25 inches wide