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Sir Richard's Ultimate Silicone P-Spot Massager

Type: Men

With the power and technology to make a real difference, Sir Richard's Ultimate Silicone P-Spot Massager helps to improves sexual performance. Stimulation to the prostate and perineum can trigger multiple prostate orgasms.

The internal shaft is curved to stimulate the prostate. Powered with a rechargeable motor in the curved tip, experience strong vibration to intensify every orgasm. The ergonomic base provides vibration and consistent pressure directly to the perineal region for complete hands-free stimulation. Enjoy and stay sexy.


  • Unique progressive design. Created specifically for male anatomy
  • Powerful. Improve performance and climax intensity
  • Simple intuitive controls
  • 10 Digital vibration modes
  • USB rechargeable. Single charge lasts 1+ hours
  • Waterproof
  • Quiet

Dimensions: 5.5 inches long (4 inches insert-able) x 1 inch wide