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Sexopoly Board Game

Type: Couples

Build your own sex empire or end up in jail. Sexopoly is a new adult board game of strategy, luck, intimacy & fun!

Designed to be played with your partner and/or VERY good friends. Each throw of the dice will move you around the board and by using Sexopoly money (notes) you will purchase businesses with the aim to make the most profit within the adult industry. The Risky or Frisky cards will help and hinder your progress, the cards will try to take away your money, clothes & inhibitions and even tempt you with more riches by having you perform sexy challenges (or not - it's up to you)!

The game includes the following contents: 1 Playing Board, 8 Playing Pieces, Sexopoly Notes (money), 100 Risky or Frisky Questions, 100 Trivia Questions, 28 Ownership Cards, 2 Dice & 1 Rules sheet.