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Performance VX2 Penis Pump System

Type: Men

Performance VX2 Pump precision engineered for maximum results. This penis pump is a great way to prolong climax and as a foreplay tool. Performance VX2 is male enhancement system that consists of a precision gauge, vacuum chamber, trigger pump, a removable airtight seal and a penis ring.

Regulate the amount of pressure with the precision gauge, adjust the intensity with the two-finger, trigger pump control handle and disengage with the quick release valve. Bonus elastomer penis ring helps maintain erection and elongate each VX2 experience.

How to use:

  1. To prepare take a warm shower and stimulate penis.
  2. Stretch sleeve over cylinder opening. Apply lube to penis and sleeve. Insert penis into cylinder.
  3. Press cylinder against body to form airtight seal.
  4. Pump air out of cylinder to form a vacuum around penis.
  5. Pump to achieve erection.
  6. Use cock ring to maintain erection.
  7. Monitor with pressure gauge.

Dimensions: 2.55 inches wide, 11.2 inches in total length and accommodating 7.8 inches in penis length.

Cleanse and care: Run water and apply a mild soap or wipe with a choice toy cleaner, then let air dry. Pump session should last no more than 15 minutes, wait 24 hours between each session and no more than three to five sessions a week. Penis pumps are a method of achieving maximum possible penis size for a temporary period of time. Penis pump results are temporary.