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Passion Licks 3 Piece Flavored Lube Set

Type: Couples

This trio of 2 ounce lubricants allows you to conduct a taste test as you figure out which flavor you like best. Enjoy all three flavors of Passion Licks with one mouth-watering set that is completely body-friendly. There are absolutely no sugar or artificial sweeteners used in these formulas. Who can choose between cherry, strawberry, and watermelon when you never know what kind of mood you will be in?

These non-sticky and non-staining lubes are perfect oral sex and penetration as well. You can even use these delectable lubes with silicone and latex. There are no limits with Passion Licks, so why limit yourself by picking just one flavor? Lick and stay sexy!


  • Made in the USA
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Includes strawberry, watermelon, and cherry flavors
  • Each container is 2 ounces