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Lasso Erection Keeper

Type: Men

The Lasso consists of flexible rubber catheter-type tubing with a plastic easy-on/easy-off adjuster bead to keep a longer erection and stronger ejaculation. Once sufficient blood flow has entered the penis fit the adjustable Lasso comfortably around the testicles and penis to discourage blood flow out of the penis. This product turns his work horse into a raging stallion by sustaining his dramatically harder and firmer erection during lovemaking.

The product packaging advises: "Do not leave the device in place for longer than 30 minutes if you have maintained an erection all this time". Also don't forget to take this toy with you on your field outing! The Lasso also doubles as a teeny tourniquet in the event of a snake bite!!

Let's ride! One size fits most.

Dimensions: 10" x .25"