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Jock Extra Thick Penis Sleeve 2" - Brown

Type: NEW

The Jock Extra Thick Penis Sleeve 2" - Brown is a game-changing product designed to enhance your intimate experience like never before. With its outstanding features and high-quality craftsmanship, this penis sleeve will take your pleasure to new heights.

One of the standout features of this sleeve is its ability to add an impressive 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. This means you can enjoy a bigger and more satisfying experience, both for yourself and your partner. The realistic details and texture of the sleeve further enhance the natural look and feel, making it a truly immersive and enjoyable experience for both partners.

Designed to fit most sizes, this sleeve stretches and forms around the shaft, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. You can even trim the end for a custom fit that perfectly suits your individual needs. Made with 100% premium TPE, this sleeve is incredibly flexible, allowing for easy movement and a comfortable experience.

Cleaning the sleeve is a breeze, as it can be easily washed with soap and warm water or a toy cleaner. It is also compatible with any water-based lubricant, ensuring a smooth and pleasurable experience every time. The sleeve is elegantly colored in a brown shade, adding a touch of sophistication and visual appeal.


  • Adds 2" length and 1" girth
  • Realistic details and texture
  • Stretches and forms around shaft
  • Trim end for a custom fit
  • Made with 100% premium TPE
  • Very flexible
  • Clean with soap and warm water or toy cleaner
  • Use with any water-based lubricant
  • Color: Brown


11 inches long x 2.25 inches wide. Hollow interior shaft is 9 inches long with 2 inch solid tip. Opening diameter is 1.25 inches wide (unstretched)