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Goodhead Oral Delight Flavored Gel

Type: Couples

Available in a mouthful of tasty flavors, Good Head Gel will make your lover taste sweeter than ever before. Because of their tingly numbing qualities these gels also suppress the gag reflex for deeper passion.

To use Good Head Gel, simply drip some onto your lover and slowly spread the gel around with your tongue. Or you can apply a bit of gel to your finger and gently rub it onto your lover's penis while anticipating your sweet reward. Good Head Gel can be used effectively vaginal-oral sex as well. Whatever your pleasure Good Head Gel adds spice to a sweet night of romantic fun. Be ahead of the game and stay sexy!


• Enhances Flavor During Oral Sex
• Vegan-Friendly
• Body-Safe
• Made in America

Container size: 4 ounces