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Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure

Type: Vibrators

The award-winning Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure has every feature and function a woman could want or need. Function packed and ultra sleek, this pleasure producing device has it all going on perfect balance.

Fantasy for Her Ultimate pleasure is many things. We are not sure how to categorize it. But here goes. The Ultimate is a clitoral pump, a vibrator, and an oral sex stimulator. One end has a silicone licking tongue with a suction cup and the other end a perfect size vibrator that can externally or internally. All functions are separately controlled for ideal customization. Despite all the features, it is easy to use and pleasure to enjoy, and stay sexy.


  • Vibrating silicone handle offers powerful G-Spot stimulation
  • Intense suction with 2 included attachment
  • 4 powerful motors provide 3 suction patterns, 7 tongue motions and 10 vibration patterns
  • Personal your sensations with or without the soft TPE tongue sleeve
  • Magnetic USB charger

Dimensions: 10 inches long x 1.5 inches wide

Operating Instructions:

  • Suction, Tongue, and Vibration can be used simultaneously or independently
  • Tongue Power On/Off: Press the tongue power button to initiate tongue motion. Press the power button to cycle through 7 tongue motion patterns. Press and hold to turn off.
  • Vibration Power On/Off: Press the vibration power button to initiate vibration. Press the power button to cycle through 10 patterns of vibration. Press and hold to turn off.
  • Suction Power On/Off: Locate the convenient release button that can be used to pulse or stop suction. Press and hold the suction power button to initiate suction. Press and hold to turn off suction.