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Dillio Platinum Body Dock SE

by Dillio
Type: NEW

Changing your favorite strap-on has NEVER been easier.The patented Body Dock SE Universal Harness System is the most effortless, comfortable Body Dock ever made. It is as simple as attaching the suction cup on your favorite dildo or vibrator to the silicone docking plate. No rings. No snaps. No hassle. Best of all, it works with most dildos on the market today, including some you already own. Dock and stay sexy!


  • Patented Push and Play design
  • Angled suction dock helps to keep the dildo erect
  • Flexible, form-fitted body plate conforms to your body's curves
  • Heavy Duty nylon straps and quick-release buckles
  • Materials: Silicone, Nylon, ABS Plastic, PU
  • Easily adjusts to fit waist sizes up to 54 inches