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Colt Enhancer Set Adjustable Penis Cage

Type: Men

The Colt Enhancer gets you to where you need to be and keeps you there. The enhancer set is made of heavy-duty hardware for a customized fit. It is stretchy, comfortable, and easy to use.

Looping over base and circling the testicles, a soft silicone snap band holds tightnwhile either the sturdy metal or the softer silicone ring circles the base and balls simultaneously. The ball ring's tug effect can help prolong sensation and greatly intensify orgasm. Switch up the ring types in easily with the Enhancer Set's user friendly cinch styling.

The Enhancer set is 100% silicone and nickle free metal.


1.75"/4.5cm (stainless steel diameter)
1.5"/3.75cm (stretchy silicone diameter)
Ball and shaft strap stretches to fit most