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Clone-A-Willy Kit Vibrating - Dark Tone

Type: Dildos

Make an EXACT vibrating silicone replica of ANY penis, safely and easily in the comfort of your own home. Clone-A-Willy's medically tested molding gel captures incredible life-like detail, making it the most personalized sex toy you will every find. Fun and easy to do!

Designed by a doctor, it's a complete kit that perfectly copies a man's own penis.Each Kit comes with everything you need: Body safe silicone, one bag of algae based molding powder, one molding tube unit, and one 5 inch vibrating unit.

If your penis is 9" or larger, you'll need to use a larger vibrator and may need extra silicone. If you'll want to make a non-vibrating dildo, you'll definitely need extra silicone.

Clone-A-Willy also vibrates! This crafty fun project is perfect for that warm summer evening and creates a lifetime of vibrating 'personalized' pleasure. You'll keep this special person at home even when he's far away. Clone and stay sexy!

The Clone-A-Willy Kit Contains:

  • Easy to follow directions
  • Specially timed, body-safe molding powder
  • 2 part 100% platinum cure silicone
  • Stir Stick
  • 5 inch vibrator (requires 1 AA battery, not included)
  • Molding Tube
  • Color: Brown


  1. Mix molding powder with water.
  2. To make the mold insert your (erect is best) penis and hold for approx. 60 seconds.
  3. Pull away mold and fill with the body-safe silicone mixture.
  4. Simply slide out your permanent replica.

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