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Charmed Vibrating Stainless Steel Necklace - Rose Gold

by Charmed
Type: Vibrators

Add some flair to your pair. The sleek, sexy and stunning metal and rhinestone gem vibrator is made of nickel-free metal for sensitive skin and packs powerful vibrations. Choose from 7 different vibe patterns you can feel along the shaft and in the pinpointed, smooth, round tip.

Enjoy wearing this beautiful, stainless steel vibrator around the zinc alloy chain at your neck. The dazzling gemstones will catch your lover’s eye and match any chic or edgy aesthetic. When you’re feeling the urge take the necklace off and press the button at the top to turn the vibrations on. Use the smooth, round tip to get precisely to the spot on your clit that feels divine, and enjoy living in ecstatic bliss with a beautiful toy that only those in the know… will know.

To charge, carefully unscrew the top of the vibrator to reveal the charging dimple. Screw the pin end of the charging cable into the dimple and connect the other end to a USB port or adapter—the button on the charging cable lights up while charging. Remove from charger promptly once fully charged.


  • Sleek, sexy and discreet
  • 7 powerful vibrations modes
  • Made from nickel-free stainless steel, zinc alloy, gems
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Color:Rose Gold


Chain is 35 inches long. Vibrator is 4.5 inches long x 0.5 inches wide