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Babydoll with Ruffle Peek-A-Boo Cups

Type: NEW

The Babydoll with Ruffle Peek-A-Boo Cups is the epitome of feminine charm and sensuality. Crafted with delicate lace, this 2 PC lingerie set is designed to make any woman feel irresistibly alluring.

The babydoll features a flyaway style, allowing it to gracefully flutter around your body with every movement. The flirty ruffle detailing adds an extra touch of playfulness, enhancing the overall allure of this lingerie piece. The peek-a-boo cups provide a seductive glimpse of your assets, leaving just the right amount to the imagination. Let your inner temptress shine through as you wear this sexy ensemble.

Included in the set is a matching lace G-string, completing the look and ensuring that every detail is oh-so-perfect. The G-string adheres to the same lace design as the babydoll, creating a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic. It provides just enough coverage to maintain an air of mystery while still embracing your sensual side.

The delicate lace used in the construction of this lingerie set ensures a soft and comfortable feel against your skin. Designed to flatter your curves, it accentuates your natural silhouette, making you feel confident and sexy. Whether you're planning a romantic evening or simply looking to indulge in a little self-adornment, this babydoll is the perfect choice.