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All American Whopper Penis Extender

Type: Men

Not too big and not too limp, the All American Exptender is just right. Designed to look and feel natural while adding length and thickness, Nasstoys' much-loved All American Whoppers collection offers the Xtender #1- a simple and safe penis enhancement solution. Doubling as a stamina tool by completely covering the sensitive tip, the #1 can help control a premmature finish while contributing to a more pleasurable sexual experience overall.

Made from Nasstoys' soft and supple Better Than Real Skin material, the #1 inch fits snugly and comfortably over head and shaft. A semi solid tip extends natural length while the plush and squeezable material adds realistically textured thickness.

In a soft, temperature receptive TPR, the Xtenders #1 provides a sensation that's incredibly realistic. The Whopper cleans easily with warm soapy water- let it dry thoroughly before storage, and always use a good water based lubricant in combination when needed.

Dimensions:The Xtenders #1 is 7.8 inches (19.8 cm) in length and 1.75 inches (4.4cm) in diameter.