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Taking Your Orgasm Out of the Bedroom

Taking Your Orgasm Out of the Bedroom

If you and your partner are looking to spice things up in the bedroom, consider a change of scenery. Having sex in the comfort of your own bedroom, and even around your own home, is great because you’re able to do it whenever and however you want without the risk of being caught. Sometimes though, the risk of being caught can intensify the moment and make your orgasm that much better. So where should you consider relocating to get frisky? Consider taking your sexcapades on the road and getting down and dirty where you often spend a significant amount of time during the week: your car.

We can’t forget to mention the orgasm that comes (no pun intended) to mind when you think of a car: road head. Pamper your man with a special treat on your way to a date. It’s the perfect appetizer to what lies ahead.

Have a SUV?

If you’re one of the many Americans who own an SUV or crossover, you’ll be able to experiment with additional room. Begin by laying down the backseat to create additional space to spread your legs. From here, you can partake in missionary, doggy style, or pretzel your bodies together. To participate in the pretzel, have your man lie down and get on top as if you were going to do reverse cowgirl. Once you are on top, shift your body so that you’re able to straddle one of his legs. Once you’ve straddled, have him bend his leg. Use his leg for support to help you bounce up and down without missing a beat.

Back Seat

For starters, you can hop in the backseat and take control by sitting on your man’s lap as if you were giving him a lap dance. Though it’s not the most visually appealing position, it does allow you to control how fast you want to thrust up and down on his shaft while fondling his balls. This position is best practiced in the middle of the backseat so that you can lean your head forward over the console to prevent bumping your head on the roof.

From there, you can turn your body 90 degrees and rest your legs on the backseat while still being in control. This allows you to be intimate while making eye contact and the ability to make-out. If you’d prefer, you can wrap your arm around your man’s neck and allow him to thrust.

Front Seat

If your passenger seat can recline all the way back, you’re in for an orgasmic treat. Choose which one of you will want to be on the bottom, but we suggest the man sits in the passenger seat. Climb on top from the back seat to get in the ever favorite 69 position.

After you’ve both been pleasured from 69ing, consider a second round with you sitting on top of him while facing him, after repositioning the front seat back to normal. If you’re parked in a secluded area, you’ll be able to enjoy slow passionate sex.

Protip: If you have a sunroof, open it up to help gain additional head room.

If you’re extra adventurous, you can consider heating things up outside of your vehicle. Check to make sure your hood isn’t hot prior to hopping on top. Once on top, lay back and allow your man to pleasure you. Bonus points if you’re in a remote location away from the city lights that allows you to gaze at the stars.

A perk of owning a truck is that you’re able to use your bed as just that, a bed. Consider packing a blanket for additional padding on uncomfortable metal. You’re able to reenact almost any position that you would normally do in your bed. Along with the blanket, consider packing a cooler with refreshments for a post orgasm celebration.

No matter which position you choose to try, have fun experimenting with your partner to find what works for the two of you in such limited space. Cheers to you and an orgasm on the move. 

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