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Not Feeling Frisky? Common Causes of Low Libido

Not Feeling Frisky? Common Causes of Low Libido

Not Feeling Frisky? Common Causes of Low Libido

Do you have low libido? While this can often be thought of as a taboo subject, it shouldn't be. Speaking to your mate, or your doctor, to try to determine the cause is an essential first step to getting your mojo back. The causes of low libido can be physical, mental, or emotional. What are some common issues that might be causing your low libido?

Physical Stressors

Any type of physical illness will likely have some impact on your desire. Being sick makes you tired, and when you're tired, you don't want to do anything that requires effort. If you have the occasional bout of flu or headache that affects your libido, it's likely nothing to worry about, and you should bounce back to normal in a few days. But, if you're always feeling too sick or too tired to do the deed, see a doctor. Illnesses like arthritis, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and high blood pressure can leave you feeling drained and significantly impact your sexual desire.

Being over-worked can also wear you out to the point that you have little libido. If it seems like you never get a break from doing a million things day after day, take some time out. By making time for yourself, you will soon find that you'll be making more excuses to jump into bed.

Bad habits like drinking too much alcohol, using recreational drugs, or smoking can all cause reduced arousal. If your libido is taking a plunge, quitting these unhealthy habits can help to get your libido alive and kicking again.

Hormonal Changes

It's not an easy thing to face, but as they get older, both women and men will go through hormonal changes. If you've reached a certain age, this might be the cause of your low libido. For women, menopause causes levels of estrogen to drop. And, for men, the production of testosterone can decline. Fortunately, modern medicine has options to treat these hormonal fluctuations, so getting older doesn't mean that you can't still feel playful.

Mental Issues

Insufficient sexual interest frequently accompanies mental health issues. Depression, emotional stress, anxiety, and other mental illnesses often cause low libido. While sometimes temporary, if you have a mental illness and your loss of libido is becoming a long-term dilemma, seek professional help.

Deep-rooted issues associated with negative sexual encounters, sexual abuse, poor body image, or low self-confidence can also be the reason for low libido. If you're suffering as a result of any of these, group therapy can be of great benefit. Connecting with others who feel the same way, you can begin taking the journey toward healing, and loving, together.

It's a Two-Way Street

Issues with your relationship are a major reason for loss of libido. Feeling sexual, and feeling loved, are usually one and the same. If you have some unresolved issues with your partner, talk about it. If you're feeling completely disconnected and don't know how to even begin the conversation, seeing a relationship counselor can help to get the conversation flowing.

Low libido doesn't have to be a life sentence. Getting to the heart of the problem is the first step to feeling frisky again.

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