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Could An Orgasm A Day Keep the Psychotherapist Away?

Could An Orgasm A Day Keep the Psychotherapist Away?

Could An Orgasm A Day Keep the Psychotherapist Away?

Whether alone or with a sexual partner, having an orgasm every day might seem self-indulgent, especially if you have a busy life. Yet having an orgasm a day can do a lot for your mental health.

Better Sleep Quality

Did you ever notice that having an orgasm before you retire for the night can improve the quality of your sleep? When you reach sexual climax, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin depletes levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which relaxes your mind, making it easier to sleep.

An orgasm before sleeping also prompts the release of dopamine and serotonin. These chemical substances can help give you a better night's rest. Being well rested positively impacts your mental health.

A Better Connection with Your Partner

Do you enjoy snuggling with your partner after having a big orgasm? There is a scientific reason for this. The oxytocin hormone you release when you climax promotes certain pro-social behaviors such as increased communication, better empathy skills, more eye contact, and greater trust.

Having frequent orgasms together can improve the quality of your relationship with your partner. When you have a happy romantic relationship, you can enjoy better mental health with less stress or depression.

Increased Body Positivity

Whenever you have an orgasm, it reminds you of how wonderful it can feel to live inside a human body. When you often think about how great your body can make you feel, you will have more positive ideas about it and judge yourself negatively less often.

When your feelings about your body are positive, you will be less nervous about trying new things. You will not be overly concerned about what others might think of you. When you stop worrying about what others think about your body, you can enjoy a better quality of life. For example, you will be able to swim in the pool on vacation instead of sitting at the side, wishing you had the confidence to take off your robe and go in for a dip.

More Focus

Oxytocin can help you relax and unwind. If anxious thoughts do not occupy your mind, it gives you more time to think about productive endeavors. Thus, you may find that having regular orgasms helps you to stay focused, organized, and creative, providing you with a greater sense of purpose. Having a sense of purpose in life can make it easier to recover from emotional traumas.

That Youthful Feeling

The stress-reducing hormones your body releases during sexual climax may make you feel up to a decade younger than your age. Furthermore, the improved sleep you get from regular orgasms can make you look more youthful. Looking and feeling younger will make you more confident. If you want to feel and look young again, perhaps you should have sex or masturbate more often.

Not As Anxious

Severe anxiety can have a detrimental impact on your quality of life. The oxytocin your body releases during orgasm can calm you down and help reduce your anxiety levels. People who often reach orgasm may find that they can remain tranquil even while the people around them are stressed out. Do you suffer from anxiety and overthinking? If so, perhaps you need more sex and masturbation in your life.

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When you reach climax, your body releases the same feel-good hormones as when you do a session at the gym. These hormones, called endorphins, make you happy and positively affect your overall mental wellbeing. The next time you feel glum, try masturbating to improve your state of mind.

Help Is at Hand

Resist the urge to panic about your mental health if you do not have a regular sex partner. You can always explore your own body via masturbation. There are many different sex toys available on the market that can help you have healthy orgasms. You can shop for sex toys online or at brick-and-mortar sex stores. If you buy them online, your toys will come in subtle packaging to protect your privacy.

A Happier and Sexier You

Making orgasms a more regular part of your life will make you feel happier, sexier, and less anxious. Having orgasms during sex with a partner is fantastic, and so is climaxing via masturbation. Why not see how having extra orgasms can benefit your mental health?

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