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MUF Sex Toy Guide


Sex toys come in thousands of different sizes, shapes, and functions! Here is an opportunity to learn Sex Toy basics. The MUF Sex Toy Guide was created to better assist you with your purchase. Who would have thought there was so much to know? If you need any additional information, please visit our Contact Us page to submit your questions and we will do our best to provide you with what you need. We want you to feel confident about your choice. We appreciate your taking the time to learn. 

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Bullets are small, discreet egg-shaped vibrators that have versatile uses. Place a bullet on your favorite erogenous zone and enjoy the simple pleasure. How about customizing your erotic toys? Bullet vibrators come in a variety of non-standard sizes (2 to 2-1/2 inches long, 1/2 to 1 inch wide) and may or may not be inter-switchable with removable bullet novelties so some improvisation may be required. Ready to spice up your favorite love-making positions? Hold the bullet next to your cheek as you perform oral sex and the vibration will go through your tongue and send your partner through the roof!


Bullets travel discreetly since they're small enough to carry in your purse or pocket. Typically they are made of hard plastic so they are very easy to clean. Some bullet vibrators come with multi-speed (battery pack) controllers for controlling the speed of the vibrations. These would use require either 2 "AA" or 3 "AAA" batteries. Others are completely wireless with a little dial at the bottom and use button cell batteries. Some of the wireless variety are even waterproof!

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Classic vibrators typically have smooth, torpedo-shaped, hard plastic shafts and are designed for vaginal penetration or stimulation of any erogenous zone. These traditional vibes have built-in battery packs, come in a variety of sizes and colors, but all feature the same basic operation...turn them on, and they vibrate! We have also included wand massagers in this category. These can be used for full body massages to relax aching muscles as well are targeting those special sweet spots. The most famous of these massaging vibrators is the Hitachi Magic Wand.  It has been used and trusted by women for decades. For those who love the strength of the hand-held massagers, but long for more than shoulder massager, there are cleverly designed wand attachments that turn these "regular"massagers into vibrators!



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Call 'em realistic vibrators or call 'em vibrating dildos. It's the same things. Bottom line, these realistic vibrators/vibrating dildos are designed to resemble the real thing, but without the complication that come with the real thing. Another bonus: you can completely control the level of vibration and movement.  Some of these vibrators are made with Cyberskin, an amazingly lifelike skin substitute. Most of them, however will have a penis-shaped head and veined texture to the shaft while other offer just a hint of realism.  Some have the controls right at the base while others have a hand-held remote.  Not the real thing but close enough. 


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When it comes to power, there are three ways to provide power to your vibrator.  Those sources are batteries, directly plugging into power or recharging. Battery operated vibrators cost less in the short run, but replacing batteries adds up, and you need to make sure you have a supply on hand. And of course, there is the impact on the environment that comes with old discarded batteries.   The most power efficient vibrators are the ones that are plugged directly into a power outlet.  Typically, there are wand massagers like the Hitachi Magic Wand.  The beauty of these powerhouse vibrators: no batteries and no recharging.  They are reliable and can last a lifetime.  The downside: they must be plugged in which can limit mobility and creative positioning.  

So what do you do if you don't want to use batteries or be attached to a cord?  You go rechargeable.  Rechargeable vibrators have the power of plug-ins and the convenience of battery-operated ones with fewer downsides. They cost more but as technology has improved, there is not such a price disparity.  In fact, Fun Factory has come up with a line of hybrid vibrators that have all bases covered and is affordable.  The electric Hitachi Magic Wand, which has been a vibrating massaging must-have for years, now comes in a rechargeable version. A new twist to recharging is USB rechargeable.  This allows you to recharge at your computer and even your car. For faster charging, you can still plug into AC, you just need a power adapter, which you probably already have for your phone. Times are changing. Or this case: charging.    


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The Grafenberg Spot was referred to a 1950 article in the International Journal of Sexology in which Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg wrote about erotic sensitivity along the anterior vaginal wall.

Most people don’t know about the G-Spot, a bean-shaped mass of nerve tissue located about halfway between the back of the pubic bone and the top of the cervix. Along with the clitoris, the G-Spot is the other focal point of the female sexual arousal. The G-Spot marks the Paraurethral glands behind the vaginal wall. These glands are filled with the prostate-like fluid that women sometime ejaculate when having an orgasm (in addition to the vaginal discharge that is usually produced). Stimulation of the G-Spot increases production of the ejaculate within the Paraurethral glands and increases the likelihood of a woman being able to push it out during an orgasm.


How can you find the G-Spot? The size and location of the G-Spot will vary from woman to woman, but it’s usually about the size of a quarter and lies two to three inches inside the upper/front wall of the vagina directly behind the pubic bone. Not easily located, there is a method of finding it. If you lie down on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the bed. Put a small pillow under your buttocks. Insert the length of a lubricated forefinger into your vagina toward your navel. (This will be about two inches inside the vagina). Press with your finger against the wall of your vagina. Because the G-Spot is surrounded with tissue and is deep in the vaginal wall, you may want to apply a little more pressure than usual. You should feel a slightly rough patch of skin with a different texture from the rest of the vagina.

When you stimulate the right spot, it will swell, or engorge with blood the way a man’s penis does. When you find the sensitive spot, continue stimulating it until it becomes firm and swells like erectile tissue.

Most women need much firmer pressure to the front of the vagina, quick rhythm, and lots of friction to have a G-Spot orgasm. With their special curve to stimulate the G-Spot on the ceiling inside your vagina, G-Spot vibrators are designed to help you achieve the elusive G-Spot orgasm. By following the steps above you’ll have a better idea of the spot you want to target. As you insert a G-Spot vibe, the curved portion should be pointed up towards the surface of your lower tummy. The little stimulator arouses the clitoris while the curved shaft is arousing your vagina and the curved tip is facing up, pointed towards your navel (G-Spot).

Some women feel the need to urinate at first when the G-Spot is stimulated and this is normal. The clear fluid released during climax is sometimes mistaken for urine, however, G-Spot orgasms are known to produce an unusually large amount of clear white fluid so don’t be alarmed!

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Do you like vibrators but miss the finger play? Now you can have both with these tiny vibrators that fit over or around your fingertips turning your finger into a mini vibrator. These finger toys add endless possibilities to the sexual encounter equation. They can be used to stimulate and tickle the erogenous of your partner (i.e. nipples, testicles, etc.) heightening the foreplay encounter. For women who need clitoral stimulation during intercourse, either she or her partner can massage the pleasure zone with a vibrating finger. Be daring and wear one on each finger! Turn your foreplay into crazy good finger-play.


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Designed by a woman, Jack Rabbit style vibrators are used for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation.  Butteryfly vibrators also fall into this category as the fluttering wings do the some thing as the flickering rabbit ears.The penis-shaped shaft's outer layer is typically constructed from a soft jelly or silicone material. Attached on the top of the shaft is a small rabbit or bunny (or some other little teaser) that is made of soft jelly for clitoral arousal. The shafts on most rabbit vibrators vibrate and rotate in a circular motion. If you really want to knock your socks off, try a thrusting rabbit vibrator.  Thrusting vibrators vibrate, rotate and go up and down, in and out... just like intercourse.

The characteristics that all our Jack Rabbit style vibrators share:
  1. A phallic-shaped shaft for vaginal penetration and a protruding limb for simultaneous clitoral stimulation
  2. Rotating shafts
  3. Vibrations for shaft and clitoral stimulator


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Our jelly category of vibrators encompasses all vibrators and stimulators made from the mysterious substance named jelly, gel, puregel, siligel, spectra-gel, crystal jelly and crystalesence jelly amongst others. What these all have in common is their jelly-like texture, realistic softness and affordable price – making them extremely popular these days! Some of the most beautiful sex toys on the market are made of translucent jelly and available in every color of the rainbow – which is why we women LOVE them so much! It could be argued that the texture of jelly feels so erotic to the touch, it doesn't matter what they look like. With a blindfold on, touching the jello-ish jiggle sends your receptors into overdrive, yet the phallic-shaped vibrators feel sturdy – much like a man’s erect penis. In our opinion, the crème de la crème (pardon the pun) of jelly sex toy applications – that jaw-dropping moment - is when jelly stimulators are applied to the clitoris!


Jelly material is delicate and porous. Because of this, they can feel somewhat sticky, even when dry and they tend to collect lint – even if you set them down for a second! This is easily remedied by carefully washing them with a mild sudsy washcloth (paying attention not to get the electronics wet) and drying with a lint-free towel or air-drying. Never use dish washing liquid soap, harsh oil-removing soaps or alcohol on jelly toys. A mild liquid hand or facial soap with no harsh chemicals is perfect. Jelly is not as rugged as other toy materials and can become damaged easily. Also, because they are so porous, we recommend using a condom if you plan on sharing your sex toy with a partner.Another interesting characteristic of jelly toys is their propensity to smell like plastic. Fortunately, manufacturers have heard your complaints and they are now producing jelly toys described as “pleasantly scented”, “hygienically superior” or “sensually scented”. Siligel is a silicone jelly material that is less porous and it doesn’t have that rubbery smell. Jel-lee material is scent-free and latex-free for allergy sufferers.Jelly will degrade if exposed to a non-water based lubricant, so always use a water-based lubricant!

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For both men and women, the nipples and areola (the pinkish area that directly surrounds the nipple) have extremely sensitive nerve endings. The muscles underneath the nipples contract when exposed to temperature changes, touch and arousal. Highly responsive to touch nipples fill with blood and get more sensitive the more intense your arousal becomes. Many women can actually orgasm from breast stimulation!


Vibrating nipple clamps attempt to reproduce the same pleasurable sensations created when your partner kisses, licks, pinches, flicks their tongue or gently bites on your nipples. These clamps have miniature bullet-shaped vibrators suspended from them to intensify the stimulation. They can be used with or without the vibrators turned on. The vibrators add some weight to the clamps and will swing as you move, providing extra sensation as they pull on the clamps. A tension-release screw allows for adjustment, however because clamps restrict blood flow, they should never be used for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time.Vibrating nipple clamps can be used on the clitoris or labia. Some customers have created their own vibrating panties by clamping one strategically to the inside of their underwear. Be inspired and use your imagination.

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We've reserved this subcategory for all penetrating vibrators whose shafts measure 1.25" or less in diameter at the widest point. The average width or diameter of a vibrator is 1.5", yet some women find these too uncomfortable for vaginal play. Also, for "beginner" anal penetration, it's important to select probe that isn't more than 1.25" at the widest point. It will be much less intimidating, allowing you to relax and enjoy!The "Slim & Ultra-Thin" subcategory easily pulls up all of these vibrators into a single view.


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Most women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. To this end, clitoral stimulators were specifically designed to target this super sensitive zone. All of them involve vibrations of varying speeds and many offer functions such as pulsation and escalation. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes including strap-ons, panties, hand-held, bullets, or erection rings. In addition, they are made of a wide range of materials including silicone, plastic, or jelly material. Clitoral stimulators pack a powerful punch and tease the clitoris with their varying functions and speeds.The latest trend in clitoral vibrators is non-pressure vibrators.  The most popular being the Womanizer and Satisfyer.  These products create a gentle suction that is very effective in producing orgasms very quickly. Sometimes pressing a vibrator against the clitoris too hard or too long can result in over stimulation. As we like to say: clit fatigue.  That is not the case here.  Women have reported experiencing multiple orgasms thanks to these stimulators.   Many clitoral stimulators may be used during intercourse while some women enjoy how wonderful they can feel used solo during masturbation.


As women age, the genital tissues receive less blood flow. Less blood flow in the clitoris means less sensation, and that can inhibit sexual interest and satisfaction. Finding ways to increase blood flow, through regular sex, self-stimulation, and using devices like a clitoral pumps  all good ways to maintain your genitals and your sex life. Clitoral pumps increase blood flow to a woman’s erogenous zone, enhancing arousal and overall sexual enjoyment. A clit pump provides different sensations to the vagina compared to other sex toys, allowing for more sensitivity during sex and more intense orgasms. Clit pumps create a vacuum like suction to enlarge the clitoris, drawing more blood to the clitoral tissue and enliven sensitive nerve endings. Some clitoral pumps can even be used on nipples.

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Great for couple's play because most of these toys travel well and can be used in a wild variety of settings. Also terrific for solo use because there's no reaching or stretching involved when controlling your vibrator. Many remote vibrators have become high-tech and sophisticated. Phone app controlled vibrators are becoming very popular. One of the bestselling remote controlled vibrators is the We-Vibe Chorus which can be controlled by a traditional hand-held remote or phone.  The smartphone app allows partners to play together even if they are on the opposite sides of the globe... or in the next room. Vibrating panties never get boring, however, there are many insert-able vibrators that can be worn with or without undies. 


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Waterproof vibrator sex toys follow you into the bath, shower, hot tub, or other wet adventure. These are great vibrators if your only privacy consists of the bathroom. They tend to be quiet so others can't hear the vibrations (or you!) over the noise created by the shower or running bathwater. 


The only problem with this plan? While many sex toys are water-friendly, they aren’t waterproof. “Water-resistant” and “fully submersible” are two very different things. Thankfully, there are tons of genuinely waterproof vibrators on the market. 


Many vibrating toys are genuinely waterproof. You can bring them into the shower or tub—even into the pool or hot tub (assuming you have adequate privacy). Though these toys have electrical or battery-operated components, they have solid shells that keep water from getting inside. But a small crack could mean your vibrator is no longer submersible. Keep in mind, while many remote-controlled vibrators are waterproof, the actual hand-held control usually is not—Double-check before taking the dive.


Many manufacturers are listing IP waterproof ratings on their products. IPX7 is one of the highest ratings, and ideally, it means that a device is durable enough to survive after being submerged in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

Waterproof vibrators are (un)surprisingly abundant. There are waterproof rabbit vibrators, waterproof clitoral vibrators, waterproof anal vibrators, and more. Your go-to vibrator is likely available in a waterproof variation—or at least, something very similar to it is.

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CyberSkin® was invented by the founders of Topco Sales whose origins are in Southern California’s Aerospace and Metallurgical Engineering Technology. With this incredibly realistic breakthrough material, Topco Sales has been on the cutting edge with their virtual reality sex toys. Topco Sales is partnered with Hustler Toys, Spice TV, and Penthouse Toys and Wildfire, so you will notice they all have CyberSkin® products.


With the creation of CyberSkin® it is now possible to make products with Virtual Touch™, that is, with an incredibly realistic feel like that of the human body. If you close your eyes and touch the material, you can't tell the difference between CyberSkin® and the human body. CyberSkin® has two unique properties. First, CyberSkin® has memory and can recover to its original shape. Second, this revolutionary material can simulate in the same product the softness of skin and the rigidity of erectile tissue. The injection molding process used to create CyberSkin® products allows them to vary the density or hardness of the CyberSkin® within the same mold. This is one of the keys to the remarkably realistic feel. Some CyberSkin® dildos are so detailed that they have skin that moves along the shaft and balls that shift inside the scrotum.For some customers, CyberSkin® dildos are almost a little too realistic looking and feeling. Almost horrified at the sight and feel of a disembodied penis, they can’t imagine being turned on by them. The size can also add to this fear. Because of the soft, skin-like resilient surface, the manufacturer has tended to make these dildoes larger in circumference than average, knowing that they will fit and feel just fine.Most customers genuinely enjoy the likeness, and it feeds perfectly into their most erotic fantasies. The CyberSkin® dildos with realistic balls provide a flat base fitting against the palm of your hands for control, while the balls stimulate the clitoris with each thrust.

CyberSkin® Care and CleaningTreat CyberSkin® with care. It is not the type of toy you throw into a drawer along with your other toys. Being soft and skin-like, it can tear against rough edges, and because it’s semi-porous, you don’t want it touching any silicone toys. Silicone deteriorates CyberSkin® material and also stains it to whatever color the silicone toy was that it touched!The semi-porous quality also makes CyberSkin® toys more challenging to clean than other materials. Therefore, you may want to cover your CyberSkin® dildo with a condom before inserting it, especially if you are using it for anal penetration or if you are sharing it. And as with all CyberSkin® toys, use water-based lube only; oil-based or silicone-based lubes will destroy the CyberSkin® material.After Use:

  1. Wash with liquid antibacterial soap and water.
  2. Pat dry with a soft cotton towel and allow to air-dry completely.
  3. Generously apply Renew (or cornstarch) to properly maintain your CyberSkin® products. This will restore the original soft, non-sticky smooth Virtual Touch™ texture. Trust us, using a revitalizing powder makes a huge difference. 

While Cyberskin is awesome, there are some other products that that are similar to it and certainly worth trying. These Cyberskin-like dildos described as UltraSkyn, Virtual Touch, Real Feel, Dual Density and Pureskin.  And just like Cyberskin, their fleshy "skin" requires some TCL, but it is worth it.

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Hard, smooth, seamless hand blown works of art, glass is arguably superior to any material used in massage therapy. Ancient Chinese energy and harmony concepts inspire the designs. The smoothness and weight of glass achieve the pressure and control needed for pleasant sensations without friction. Once you have experienced the sensual magic of glass, you will be hooked.


Glass massage tools are made from medical grade hypoallergenic glass. This is the same durable glass used in contemporary bakeware, such as Pyrex®. Containing scientific grade borosilicate that resists breakage, your glass dildos can last you a lifetime so enjoy the sensation!Glass dildos may be heated or cooled to increase enjoyment and sensation.  The molecular structure of glass is that of liquid so it is temperature absorbent and adjusts to the temperature of your body. It can be warmed in hot tap water (for 1-2 minutes), or placed in the freezer for an icy chill. It will stay hot or cold for ten minutes.Since glass is non-porous, it is also compatible with every variety of personal lubricant and massage oil. Also, the lubricity lasts much longer than massagers made of other materials! Cleaning e-glass® is easy since these massagers are dishwasher safe and can be sterilized in boiling water.

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Realistic dildos are the perfect sex toy when the real thing isn't available. Modeled from actual penises, realistic dildos have natural-looking veins and testicles and are often molded from male adult stars' penises. For an even more lifelike feel, these realistic dildos are made of Cyberskin, Ultraskyn and silicone materials. Designed for penetration, realistic dildos can be used vaginally, anally or you can practice your blow-job skills. Many realistic dildos are used with harnesses and are strapped on. As with real penises, realistic dildos come in a range of sizes, shapes and skin tones that will meet the needs of beginners and experts. For those seeking the ultimate in realism, some dildos can ejaculate on command.  

For those who want to leave something to the imagination, there are non-phallic dildos that come in fun colors and shapes. realistic-4.jpg

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Silicone is the ideal material for just about every kind of sex toy. Lifelike with a soft, smooth texture, silicone quickly reaches and retains body temperature, making your sexual experience wonderfully warm and realistic. Silicone also cleans very well; it's non-porous, so you can easily wash your toys with soap and water without having to worry about having an allergic reaction. The only drawback to this wonder-material is the price - because silicone toys are hand-cast, they can cost significantly more than their rubber or jelly cousins. If you're looking for a high-quality, realistic toy that will last a long time, silicone is an excellent way to go.



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Harness compatible dildos are uniquely made to work with any number of harnesses. And they allow for many sexual configurations: gal to gal, gal to guy, guy to guy and guy to gal. What makes a dildo harness compatible is the slightly flared base suction cup which secures it between the harness and o-ring for an optimal fit. Strap-on sex allows both men and women to experiment with vaginal and anal intercourse. Many women have found it exhilarating to turn the tables on their men. This is known as pegging.

While you might know what dildo you like but are uncertain which harness is the best match for it, in general, most strap-on harnesses can accommodate any dildo with a flared base or suction cup. However, to eliminate the guesswork, especially if you are new to strap-on play, it might be wise to start with a harness kit as you will be assured of a perfect pairing.    If you do want to mix and match, go with the Vac-u-Lock System. The attachments "lock" into the harnesses preventing any slipping. While Vac-U-Lock products should ideally be used with other Vac-U-Lock products,  they are now being designed to work with man types of probes and O-ring harnesses.

If you are looking to free yourself of binding straps, try a strapless strap-on. These devices offer a greater sense of closeness as no straps get in the way during penetration. Women wear strapless strap-ons to have sex with another woman or a man (known as pegging). Completely strapless, they stay in place as the larger end inserted in the vagina, and the longer end is used to penetrate her partner vaginally or anally.

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Put 'em in -- and leave 'em in. These anal plugs come in a variety of sizes because not all butt plugs are made equal, but they all have a similar shape, narrow at the base, thickens in the middle and narrowest on top. The flared base prevents the anal plugs from getting "sucked in" and lost inside. Anal plugs are designed to stay in place rather than be pushed inside and out. For those new anal exploration, anal training kit is helpful as it lets you start small and work your way. For those more seasoned in pleasures of anal and are seeking extra oomph, try an anal vibrator. Most anal products are unisex, but for targeted p-spot massaging there are specific products for men.  Prostate stimulatorare uniquely shaped for the male anatomy, just like a g-spot vibrator is designed for the female body. With anal play, it is imperative to lube sufficiently. Unlike typical personal lubes, anal lubricants are thicker and some have numbing properties. 


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Penis Extenders

Penis extenders have become a life-saver for many men.  Not to be confused with products that stretch the penis, these extenders are worn over the penis to instantly add length, thickness and firmness and worn during intercourse.  In the simplest of terms, they are fake penises.  But do not let the sound of that discourage you.  Many of these hollow extenders are quite realistic looking and feeling.  Keep in mind these are usually for men with ED and for that reason, they on the firmer side. On the plus, they, they have staying power. These hollow extenders often come with a harness for extra support and can be worn by women, too.  For men who would rather not deal with a harness, there are strapless strap on extenders.  The most popular being the Ride-On.  These devices are hollow dildos with a ball strap. Between suction and the strap around the testicles, they stay in place.

Girth Enhancers

If size is your only issue,  wearable penis sleeves and girth enhancers are a super easy solution.  These sleeves are worn over an erect penis to add length and thickness.  Most are super stretchy and soft and easily fit over most penises.  They are like very, very thick condoms.   Some of these sleeves vibrate providing a bonus to both partners.  Keep in mind, these sleeves do not offer much support if any. They are meant to make an erect penis appear and feel larger. They can also make an erection last longer thanks to the snug fit.  As mentioned above, men who need serious  “staying” power, hollow strap-ons are the best option for that.


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  • Vibrators | Erection Rings | Couples Fun

    The most common sex toy for couples is an erection ring with an attached clitoral vibrator.  The tightness of the ring will help to maintain an erection for him and the vibrator will provide clitoral stimulation for her.  However, there are many more options for couples these days.  Many products now have phone apps allowing couples to play “together” even though they are miles apart.  A fun and unique toy for couples who cannot be together is Clone a Willy.  You guessed it.  You can make a replica of his penis and use it when he can’t be there.  It is completely functional and comes in different skin tones.


Oral Sex Helpers

Love oral sex and want to make it even more fun? Or you don't like it and want to make it tolerable?   Use a flavored lube.  Flavors range from tangy to sweet, raspberry sorbet to salty caramel.   To help make the lip love last longer try flavored delay gels and numbing mints.   An oral sex must-have that both partners will love: Gum Job Oral Sex Gummy Teeth Covers.  The provide a tasty treat for her and fantastic  blow job for him. For those who suffer from tongue fatigue, there a vibrators to help with that.  The Tongue Star turns your tongue into a mini massager!




Bondage has been a fixture of erotic novels and art for centuries – from Rembrandt’s Andromeda Chained in 1630 up to the release of Fifty Shades, which brought orgasm balls and bondage from the dark chambers into the light of the mainstream.  With over 100 million copies of the Fifty Shades Trilogy worldwide, countless numbers of women allowed themselves to indulge in sexual fantasies about BDSM that they might not have otherwise.  Suddenly S&M was everywhere.

What is bondage, and what makes it so alluring? The B in BDMS involves consensually tying, binding, or restraining for erotic, aesthetic, and/or tactile stimulation. Play-acting/struggling against restraints can build an exciting adrenaline rush while being blindfolded heightens the senses in the entire body.  Whether experimenting with kinky “tools” such as ropes, cuffs, and clamps or trying out new positions,  a bit of kink truly adds a new twist to sex lives.



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Great for vaginal penetration. Water-based lubricants consist mostly of water, resembling a thin syrup that feels slick to the touch. Safe for use with all sex toys and latex, they do not stain sheets and are wonderfully slippery and wash right off in water. The only disadvantage to water-based lubes is that after a long period of time, they tend to dry out requiring more applications.

Stay slippery much longer than water-based lubricants, without the need for reapplying. Silicone-based lubes are non-sticky and waterproof, so they are great for playfulness underwater! These lubes are also safe to use with condoms, diaphragms, and (non-silicone) sex toys. (Silicone-based lubricants may react chemically with some silicone toys, so the two should not be used together.)

Hybrid is a new category of lubricants that has been evolving over the last few years.  These hybrid lubricants take the best quality of water and silicone and eliminate the less desirable qualities. The end results are lubricants that are long-lasting, silky smooth and clean up easily.

Anal lubes are specifically designed to be heavier because the rectum does not produce any lubrication on its own. Without lots of lubrication, the rectum can be temporarily and painfully damaged. There is never too much lube for anal sex. Silicone anal lubes have the best lasting power and won’t break down during anal sex.

A wide variety of products designed to enhance arousal and/or prolong orgasm. Arousal enhancers for women are designed specifically to produce tingling sensations and increase blood flow to the vagina. For men, they are designed to keep the penis hard and firm, but provide the staying power needed to prolong an erection.

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We hope our MUF Sex Toy Guide has been helpful. We realize buying sex toys and adult products can be daunting, especially the first time out.    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to contact us.  Be assured, you can trust in MUF. Stay Sexy.